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* Maestro and Visa Electron - UK only.

*Offering PAYM - UK only

Please note: that we are unable to credit any Hotvoip, Easycallback, Megavoip, Budgetvoip, Supervoip, VoipR, Voip-a-lot, Scydo or Mobyler accounts, no reseller can. Credit can only be bought direct from these particular VoIP provider's website. 

 Check out "Tips & Ideas" tab at the head of this page for a cheaper way to buy credit for multiple Usernames. Look for Tip 1.

If your VoIP account is denominated in USD($) or GBP(£), your Euro credit purchase will automatically be converted at market rates (commission free) by your VoIP provider and reflect in your VoIP account as such. Click here: for an approximation of the amount of USD($) or GBP(£) credit you will receive.

 This service is available 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, please note our operating hours at the head of this page. Should you effectuate a purchase or send a message outside these hours it will only be attended to once we re-open. 

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