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Please note: that we are unable to credit any Hotvoip, Easycallback, Megavoip, VoipR or Scydo accounts, no reseller can. Credit can only be bought direct from these particular VoIP provider's website.

Check out "Tips & Ideas" tab at the head of this page for a cheaper way to buy credit for multiple Usernames. Look for Tip 1.

If your VoIP account is denominated in USD($) or GBP(£), your Euro credit purchase will automatically be converted at market rates (commission free) by your VoIP provider and reflect in your VoIP account as such. Click here: for an approximation of the amount of USD($) or GBP(£) credit you will receive.

This service is available 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, please note our operating hours at the head of this page. Should you effectuate a purchase or send a message outside of these hours it will only be attended to once we re-open.

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